Last submitted lyrics at en-US Aversions Crown - Ophiophagy [Metal] Deathmask We, the enigmatic hierarchy, a council of divine deities Into the prismatic realm, we tread within frozen time Lost in this shapeless void, incubat... Metal B-Freqz ft. Jonjo - Rebirth (Official Anthem 2018) [Hardstyle] duyfken Rebirth Behold the dedication, this deserves a celebration We did it for a decade, we lifted up the nations Now begins the new age, now begins sal... Hardstyle Betavoice - Give It To Me [Hardstyle] wilco375 Give it to me Give it to me tonight Keep me up on my feet Up on my feet Let's fly [2x] Are you ready? Give it to me Give it to me tonight Keep me... Hardstyle Bass Chaserz - Only Now [Hardstyle] wilco375 There is no past There is no future Only now [2x] This shit's about to drop [2x] There is no past There is no future Only now [2x] [3x] Are you ... Hardstyle SA†AN - Surrender [Hardcore/Gabber] djhandedout Surrender He's coming to destroy us Artyom! Surrender He's coming to destroy us Surrender Surrender He's coming to destroy us Artyom! Surrender H... Hardcore/Gabber Reckless - Reckless [Hardcore/Gabber] Imil We have hope, rebellions are built on hope Reckless, aggresive, and undisciplined [2x] This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel Save the rebellion... Hardcore/Gabber Crystal Lake - Wandering [Hardstyle] HardstyleLJ I feel And I feel, I feel I feel the ground is gone from my feet And I feel, I feel So lost, inside my world I'm wandering I feel And I feel, I ... Hardstyle Psyko Punkz - Teleportation [Hardstyle] wilco375 Teleported Teleportation requires that an object be broken down atomically And reassembled somewhere else in less time than it would take to trave... Hardstyle Headhunterz - Eye Of The Storm (Interlude) [Other] HardstyleLJ You are standing in the center of a musical storm Let the sound waves penetrate your physical form The mind is a magician The body an illusion Brea... Other Headhunterz - The Truth (Interlude) [Other] HardstyleLJ The truth shall set you free Right after it sets you on fire I've been lost in the darkness My whole body was burning But this gave me the light t... Other Headhunterz - Intro [Other] HardstyleLJ Right now the music travels through cables Like black magic miracles The dancers have gathered into an army of angels Right now the night air crack... Other Headhunterz & Sound Rush - Rescue Me [Hardstyle] HardstyleLJ Close my eyes and see Close my eyes to sleep Close my eyes to escape from this madness Towers rise, with souls in their woes The people cry for so... Hardstyle Headhunterz & Sub Zero Project - Our Church [Hardstyle] HardstyleLJ This is our church [x3] To every owner of an orange heart Know that nothing shall tear it apart When the world will try to divide us Then this mus... Hardstyle Headhunterz - Still Standin' [Hardstyle] HardstyleLJ It's the boys from the hood Still standin' on the block Got you begging for a shot Still standin' on the block Got you begging for a shot Take it ... Hardstyle Headhunterz - The Path Of The Hunter [Hardstyle] HardstyleLJ The path of the hunter The hunter Yayoi no sora wa Miwatasu kagiri Kasumi ka kumoka Nioi zo izuru I've been gone Not lost, but wandering Many ni... Hardstyle Headhunterz & Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers - No One Can Stop Us Now [Hardstyle] HardstyleLJ No one can stop us now The DJ evokes an ancient spell With eyes closed and palms open Levitates the entire crowd 15 feet above the ground We dance... Hardstyle Toneshifterz & Atmozfears - You & Me [Hardstyle] HardstyleLJ If it's in your mind And you know it's true When it's been too long And it's haunting you When it seems too far from reality There is still a chanc... Hardstyle Prefix & Density - Time Travel [Hardstyle] wilco375 Time travel Just imagine being able to go back and forth to any moment in time Imagination makes us aware of limitless possibilities It's somethin... Hardstyle Malua - The Odyssey [Hardstyle] wilco375 The odyssey You think you have it under control The control is never yours All you can do is dive in with the odyssey You think you have it under... Hardstyle Low-E & Zero Sanity ft. Maia - Crusade [Hardstyle] wilco375 I can feel it in my veins We will learn to rise above it all again We've been shaken to our core But it's nothing that we haven't won before You a... Hardstyle Dyprax - Feel My Brain [Hardcore/Gabber] BadPritt Evolution [?x] Brain's capacity Evolution [?x] I can feel my brain I feel everything Space The air The vibrations The people The gravity I can fe... Hardcore/Gabber Demi Kanon & Inverze - Higher [Hardstyle] wilco375 I wanna go somewhere different tonight I wanna go somewhere different tonight I wanna see some place new and out of sight Come with me We can be f... Hardstyle Ecstatic & Sogma - Warcry [Hardstyle] wilco375 In anguish we uplift A new unhallowed song [2x] The race is to the swift [2x] The battle to the strong The sound of our warcry In anguish we upli... Hardstyle System 3 & DJ Dano - Strut That Ass [Hardcore/Gabber] djhandedout Well shit now you know And you got a fucking Mercedes-Benz And you ain't gonna walk every day So you're gonna get out and strut that ass Strut that... Hardcore/Gabber System 3 & DJ Dano - Jackhammer Kiss [Hardcore/Gabber] djhandedout Open your eyes Energy surround me Through the space and time Fantasy becomes reality Dreams enter time Open your eyes Energy surround me Open y... Hardcore/Gabber Jack Of Sound & Ressurectz - Forsaken [Hardstyle] duyfken You people, listen to me! This is the gospel, the ultimate revelation This is the most awesome goddamn force in the whole godless world Forsaken [... Hardstyle Camila Cabello - She Loves Control [Pop] Directioner101 Cold, 'cause she has been here before She doesn't cry anymore, no looking back No, she doesn't go to the bar Too many lovers, she's scarred And the... Pop Khalid & Normani - Love Lies [R&B] Directioner101 Sorry if it's hard to catch my vibe I need a lover to trust Tell me you're on my side Are you down for the ride It's not easy for someone to catch ... R&B DJ Fracus & Oli G Feat. Donna Grassie - Feel The Light (Original Mix) [Hardcore/UK] VagabondTribute I watched the sunrise Feel the light upon my eyes I wanna trip inside your mind Only you can do the things That make me feel so real Cause' I've g... Hardcore/UK ASTR - Operate [Trap] Imil Operate, operate oh [2x] Baby, come lay your head down I don't want to know what you did before Baby, come lay your head down Every little thing t... Trap The Naked & Famous - Young Blood [Pop] Imil We're only young and naive still We require certain skills The mood, it changes like the wind Hard to control when it begins The bittersweet betwee... Pop Roomie feat. Custom Phase - Lost It All [DnB] Imil I'm letting you be, but you hate me 'Cause you know I see right through you And you're on TV, acting PC But you know I see right through you Now yo... DnB Regain & I:Gor - Reptilians [Hardcore/Gabber] Imil They're the highest form of sacrifice Sacrifice [2x] Bród, chłód, obozy, męki, mordy, których nie znasz [2x] Eyewitnesses have reported massive ... Hardcore/Gabber Die Antwoord - Love Drug [Other] aslak1 Your love is like a drug I'm so addicted, you got me fucked up and it feels so good [x2] You got me fucked up, feels like I'm losing my mind Can't... Other Jay Reeve - The Blackbird [Hardstyle] JohannG The shadow of the blackbird Among twenty snowy mountains The only moving thing Was the eye of the blackbird The shadow of the blackbird Crossed ... Hardstyle Whitechapel - Devirgination Studies [Metal] Deathmask Now that I have my trophy of your anatomy Your stiff can be excised aberrantly Convulsions transpire your seeping suppuration Our intamacy is arcan... Metal RVAGE - Famous [Hardstyle] KonFishEDM Tell me why what I'm doing ain't shit to me [x2] Look around everything changes Seem like everybody just strangers Don't go outside 'cause it’s da... Hardstyle Brennan Heart ft. Trevor Guthrie - Won't Hold Me Down (Gravity) [Hardstyle] HardstyleLJ I'm tired Tired of always sinking Tired of overthinking Stuck here in rewind I'm waiting Waiting for reaction Waiting for some traction To pull me... Hardstyle Bones - DeathMetal [Hip Hop/Rap] Deathmask Bones SESH What? [3x] Bones None of my bitches like rappers (nope) She overdosed on my mattress (dead) That death metal stay blasting (blast) She ... Hip Hop/Rap Counterparts - Tragedy [Metal] Deathmask Take comfort in the cadence of the bond we share A visionary born and raised to see with an unbiased sense of sight We pause just for a second to p... Metal Strange Arrival - Decompression Chamber [DnB] djhandedout The past is a construct of the mind It blinds us, it fools us into believing it But the heart wants to live in the present Look there, you'll find ... DnB Nothing Personal & Max Shade - Don't Talk To Me [DnB] djhandedout Don't talk to me about a land of the free and the home of the brave Until everybody's free [2x] DnB Damage Inc - Blackball [DnB] djhandedout You're all going to die tonight DnB Terrortek & Zero - Revolutionary Warfare [Hardcore/Gabber] djhandedout Let's go Ghetto children singing (singing) See (what up) They eager to learn How to become the next world leaders, Bravehearts Revolutionary warfa... Hardcore/Gabber Hostage - Broken Septum [DnB] djhandedout - Listen, let's get this straight I did not save you because I care I saved you because you have intel on Berlin I want a name - You bitch - Oh, I ... DnB Avenged Sevenfold - Welcome To The Family [Metal] LuisVerbel Hey kid (hey kid), do I have your attention? I know the way you've been livin' Life so reckless Tragedy endless Welcome to the family Hey, there's... Metal Absurd - Pyrotek [DnB] djhandedout Early on, parties of our best scouts were ambushed by demons That spawned from the very air around them Survivors often mentioned a strange creatur... DnB Lowroller - Caging A Fury [DnB] djhandedout It's only a matter of time before people figure out that these criminals Are being eliminated by someone I want the world to know of my existence ... DnB Fragz - Pyromaniac [DnB] djhandedout The number two is a ronin named Shichikoro He is in the village called Machisiri, to the west The very demon of revenge, seeks divine guidance? H... DnB Bratkilla - Godlessness [DnB] djhandedout Godlessness How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault? It's not right, it's utterly, utterly evil Why should... DnB